A Present for Eighteen Years

My daughter has grown up so fast. From the moment she was born, she was such a beautiful girl. She just turned 18 last month and had a party to celebrate. My wife and I thought it would be nice to get her a special piece of jewelry to commemorate the occasion. We wondered what would be the best diamond choker necklaces for a teenager to wear. We thought about a diamond choker because my daughter loves them more than any other jewel. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but for her, it’s more like an inseparable spouse. She doesn’t go anywhere without a pair of diamond earrings.

By searching online, I found different styles of diamond choker necklace from retailers. Some had the diamonds cut into distinct shapes like hearts and triangles. Others even had colored diamonds, which looked odd to me, because anyone could confuse them for some other kind of jewel, like a ruby or an emerald. We thought it would be best to go with a standard colored diamond in a regular round or square shape. In any case, we were confident that our daughter would love whatever kind of necklace we got her.

It took a little work for my wife and I to keep our daughter from finding out what we had gotten her before her birthday. We had to hurry to the mailbox each day to make sure that she wouldn’t try to get it. Once the package containing the necklace came in the mail, we hid it in our room, since that was the once place our daughter wouldn’t be able to look. We then dropped hints to throw our daughter off about the necklace, leading her to believe that we got her something completely different, so she would be even more surprised.